About Hemuly

We are 100% organic cannabis cultivation brand focusing on delivering a high-quality, eco-friendly, and consumer-centered product. Our company is particularly focused on cultivating top tier cannabis products, strategic brand partnerships, and running a completely organic operation.

Founded in 2019 and based in California and Oklahoma, Hemuly utilizes industry standard equipment and techniques in order to grow some of the best cannabis. Focusing mostly on indoor cultivation, we understand that our business is only as good as our cultivation techniques are. This is precisely why we take the cultivation process so seriously.

To this point, we created our own LED lights, Hemuly AAA+ LED lights, in order to preserve energy while simultaneously maximizing the growing and cultivation process. As a completely organic organization, Hemuly never uses any pesticides or herbicides in the garden. Moreover, we use 100% organic soil consisting solely of organic matter, as our old leaves and stems as composted on site. Further, the company’s irrigation system is designed to use as little water as possible and leave as little waste as possible as well.

Hemuly is not only committed to running an 100% organic operation, it is also committed to pushing the standards of the industry closer to its environmentally friendly stance and values. To further make a difference and push the industry forward, our brand is committing to donate 20% of our revenue to charities and philanthropic organizations focused on helping children in need, prisoners who have been arrested for cannabis use as well as endangered animals.

As the Hemuly brand continues to grow following of loyal customers, partners, and fans - as well as the market share - we have plans to expand our offerings in the future. In line with our eco-friendly stance, we are working on utilizing the entire cannabis plant, without wasting anything. Specifically, we are exploring hemp-based clothing and accessories among other ideas.

Despite only being two years old, Hemuly is already making a name for itself by highlighting our eco-friendly values as well as with the industry standard cultivation techniques. We are excited to show you what Hemuly has to bring up next, what about you?